We started the descent off Forester a little before 8am. The snow was softening up, but we didn’t have to posthole. Maybe a mile or two of snow before we dropped below it. We expected the sun to be intense because of all the snow, but it still amazed us how hot it was… like an oven despite being at 13k feet at 8am. Covered everything with sunscreen or clothing except my fingertips, which apparently can get sunburned. We descended the valley and popped up into Kearsarge basin to camp before exiting over Kearsarge pass for a resupply in Independence, CA. We only did around 14 miles today, but we were very very worked at the end of the day… The Sierras are beautiful, but they do come with a price. In any case glad to have Forester pass in the bag; the rest of the major passes are about 1k ft lower.

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