Mile 106: Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock is a cool rock formation a few miles before we got to Warner Springs, CA where we picked up our resupply package.  It seems too perfect so we debated if it was man-made or not.  We did not reach a consensus.

Mile 62: Sunrise to Rodriguez Spur

Being overly conservative with our water proved to be a problem when Ben became very dehydrated overnight.  We made it to a fire tank around mile 62 where Ben tried to wait out the dehydration under the edge of a bush, while Stacy watched a giant rattlesnake slowly chase a crippled duck.  After going through cycles of drinking water and vomiting it back up for most of the day, we met an elderly group of hikers who had taken a beat up old pickup to the water tank.  They were exceptionally nice and took Ben to get some Gatorade and dropped both of us off at the Julian Lodge.  Ben felt bad about not thanking them better, but he was focusing on not fouling their truck (successfully I might add).  We stayed two nights in Julian and it was quite pleasant.  Friendly people, good food, nice lodge, and reasonably priced.