Mount Jefferson

On our way out of Olallie Lake we saw our first elk who seemed to know it was hunting season. We walked passed Mount Jefferson and camped on a ridge with a great view of the other side of Mount Jefferson.

Timberline Lodge

Heading into Timberline Lodge today to collect our resupply. The weather waited to turn rainy and cold until we packed up our tent in the morning. We passed a couple of washed out river valleys and some pretty waterfalls. We are happy to be drying out and warming up in Timberline before we head out into the rain this evening. Next stop – Sisters!

North of Mount Hood

Mostly good weather our second day out of Cascade Locks. The hiking was mostly through a forested river valley. Once we climbed out of the valley, we should have been able to see Mount Hood but the clouds were a bit too low for a clear view.

Tunnel Falls

First day out of Cascade Locks heading south. We saw some very large salmon in a shallow river. We also passed a few waterfalls including Tunnel Falls. It is called Tunnel Falls because you walk behind the falls through a tunnel to get to the other side.

Travel Back to OR/WA Border

We walked to Manning park, BC where we caught a 2 am Greyhound to Vancouver, BC where we got a room for the night. The next day we saw lots of locals (see pictures) and caught a bus to Seattle where we connected to a train to Vancouver, WA where we got a cab to a bus to walk to Cascade locks, OR… Dinner at Thunder Island brewery was delicious. We will be hiking south towards Crater Lake tomorrow.