South of Mount Adams

Another 22 miles or so north. Still relatively low elevation, but much cooler than Oregon so far which makes the hiking much more enjoyable. Saw some clear-cuts. Someone told us that is Mt Adam’s we can see.

Mile 2155: Bridge of the Gods

It was surprisingly difficult to get from Portland, Oregon to the Cascade Locks. But we finally made it! We crossed the (very windy) Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River gorge and now we are in Washington for the next 500 miles.

The (current) plan

At the rate we are walking we probably wouldn’t get to the Canadian border until after Oct 1st which is the end of our ‘weather window.’ Thus, we are skipping ahead to the Washington/Oregon border. This should ensure that we make it through the North Cascades to the Canadian border with better weather. We will then come back and finish the Oregon section. To this end, we have mailed out all of our Washington resupply packages and we will drive a rental car up to the Washington border tomorrow. My guess is cell service will be spotty at best in Washington…