Middle of Nowhere

Still alive and well. Not much good cell service for a long while now. Have just a little at the top of a big hill. Nearing Belden, CA. Might have service there and we could do a blog update.

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Took a bus to Mammoth lakes to the Motel 6 to get our next resupply at Sonora pass set up. We are hoping to make it back to Tuolumne on the bus tomorrow to get back to the trail. It is likely the next service we get will be South Tahoe in 10-ish days. The next section is supposed to be beautiful… but the mosquitoes are supposed to be the worst of the whole trail. Makes us wish we were willing to use DEET. Long pants and long sleeve shirt and bandanna and hat with head net will have to do. Hopefully we can also get new shoes before leaving Mammoth since ours are pretty much dead.

Donahue Pass – Carry me, mosquitoes!

Up and over Donahue pass. Mosquitoes are miserable, hard to enjoy the miles between island and Donahue passes. Once we crossed into Yosemite and dropped to the Lyell fork of the Tuolumne river the mosquitoes disappeared and we had a pleasant walk into Tuolumne meadows where we spent the night.

Island Pass

Up past Agnew meadows and the high trail which was surprisingly beautiful. Over to Thousand Island Lake and then up and over Island Pass. Mosquitoes are getting steadily worse.

Muir Pass to McClure Meadow

Up early over Muir pass. The snowfields extended for 4-5 miles and were deteriorating into soft slush mud crap. Less than 1 mph for many hours. We did not like using the snow bridge that other hikers seemed to use and tried to find better routes. One snow bridge we could not avoid but we let some big dudes stomp across it before we tiptoed over it. After Muir hut/pass we made it down to Evolution lake with the intention of making an early camp, but some thunderclouds forced us down to near the Evolution creek ford near McClure meadows. The mosquitoes are getting worse but not terrible… yet.