Mile 550ish: More Windmills

Lots of pictures today of windmills as we walk to the road that takes us to Tehachapi, CA. Some people seem to hate them but we kind of enjoyed them. On the negative side, the windmills tell you how windy it can be… last night we had to pack up and hike for a few hours at 10 pm because the wind got to be too much on the ridge we decided to camp on. Hiking by headlamp in 20+ mph winds when the air temps are near freezing isn’t exactly fun. Now we are off trail for 2 weeks to get married in Colorado!

Mile 518: Hikertown

Hiked into the Mojave and stopped at Hikertown to wait out the heat. We only walked about 10 miles the past two days because the forecast is for a cold front to move in starting tomorrow which would make the next 50 miles much easier.

Mile 461: Agua Dulce

Mile 461: a few miles north of Agua Dulce. Saw a horny toad. They seem to think their camouflage is better than it is….

The weather was great all day… Much cooler. Hope it stays.

Mile 444: Acton

We took a day off at the Acton KOA and then walked from the Acton KOA to Agua Dulce, CA. We pass under the freeway and through Vasquez rocks park. We resupplied in Agua Dulce and then continued hiking.